Saturday, August 16, 2014

Visit to Jordan July 2014

Flying over a pretty vast desert

It struck me odd to see houses here and there without any landscaping or nearby stores, etc.

A visit to Petra

The canyon walls reminded me of Utah

A city carved into the rocks

These look like homes to me but they say they were tombs

Wow, this was amazing

How did they get up there?

A lot of rock and not many trees

It's funny to watch a camel stand up and the rider try not to fall off

The Treasury

I asked this girl if I could take her picture and she wanted Tori with her

Stepping into the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized

We visited a place that makes carvings form olive wood.  The workers are mostly disabled and are glad to be hired for work.

Unfinished camels

Everyone at their stations working.  This woman is sanding.

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