Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Will you be my model?

Tori took a break from her school work and agreed to be my model for a few minutes as I felt like I needed a creative outlet today.  What a beauty she is.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Snow in Maikop

 The beautiful first snow became "messy"

 My intention in these photographs was to show the reality of life where I live and bit of Russian culture.  This is an electric bus that runs off wires above. 

 Fur hats and coats can be seen everywhere.

 Bedroom furniture anyone?

The girls wanted me to take a photo of this Russian-made Lada in contrast to all the white snow.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

Moscow, Russia

I recently had the privilege of going to Moscow with a friend who was shooting video there.  It was so fun to go out with someone else the purpose of capturing photographs all day.   My senses were heightened as I sat in the airport to board the plane to Moscow.  The loudspeaker blurted out in Russian that it was time for boarding.  Our local airport is too small to directly board the plane so all the passengers cram onto a bus that taxis us out to the jet.  The noise of the running jet engines was enough to make me instinctively hold my ears while the turbines created a wind that blew my hair parallel to the ground as we waited for the doors to open.  A lady in flip-flops and pantyhose collected our boarding passes while an airport worker rode up on a dilapidated green bicycle to give a last goodbye to a lady passenger.  As we waited, my eyes noticed how differently my red gortex Columbia jacket and black hiking boots looked in comparison with the leopard print tights and black sequined boots the lady next to me was wearing.  Later in the flight, I was glad to have my gortex as water poured in on me from the exit window I was sitting by!  The leopard tights would have soaked it right up.  It was a great trip. 
 St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square.  This is a photo that I played with so the details would stand out and look almost like a drawing.  This Cathedral was built on the order of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan. 

 Red Square

 Russia is famous for it's martrushka dolls.  I heard that the tradition started when a Russian lady visited Japan and brought back a similar type stacking doll.  She decided to make them and paint traditional folk Russian people on them.

 These $1000 bikes were lined up for sale in their beautiful GUM mall.
GUM mall

 These tea cups are actually Central Asian.  There are millions of Central Asian people from places like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and the Caucasus who have gone to Moscow to find work.  They typically find low paying jobs sweeping streets or selling in the bazaars.

These sweet ladies said they were from Uzbekistan.

This guy was from Kyrgyzstan and proudly wore his hat.

 The escalators down into the subway are incredibly long!

This is a bust station we walked by when the sun was setting.  You can see behind the clock how brilliantly orange the sun was.

We met a lady on the subway that had a handbag that said "Wyoming".  She was a Jewish Russian speaking lady that took it upon herself to give us a quick tour of the pretty night buildings. 


 We were walking fast by all these places because it was raining and late at night.

We were there just after the announcement that Steve Jobs passed away.

 There was a crazy reflection of light coming from across the street hitting this building that caught my eye.
 St. Basil's Cathedral in all it's playful, colorful, fairytale glory.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vienna and Prague!

We had SUCH a great time on our vacation with Dave's parents in Vienna and Prague.  Dave made it even extra special for me by surprising me with a birthday gift of my dream camera!  I was having a blast using it in such picturesque places.  There were castles, beautiful architecture, and postcard scenery.  I wish I could make these into postcards.  I know some will go on my wall.

This is one of my favorites.  The bridge in Prague.


A village outside of Vienna.

I loved all the leading lines, arches, and cobblestone. Vienna was amazingly clean.

This was walking to our hotel.  More leading lines in the road and buildings.

Part of Vienna

Proof we were really there!

Fun times with Dave's parents

A gorgeous castle we saw while on a boat tour

Castle in Vienna

Same castle, different view.  I love the sky above.

We walked on this metal grate on the ground with a beautiful pattern


A church in Vienna

Some of the churches have an overwhelming amount of ornate gold and paintings

Pipe organs in the church


Tori and Dave looking at the paintings in the monastery hallway

Examples of the paintings they were looking at

Outside of the Art Museum

We enjoyed lunch in the Museum Cafe complete with marble walls and painted ceilings

Quite the cafe!

This is Bree being swallowed up by an enormous painting

A Rembrandt

Tori studying the details

Light streaming through the pillars

The Museum we toured

A beautiful site in Prague

The walking tour guide whizzed past these picturesque places so I had to snap it quick and run to catch up.

The food was delicious!  Who knew we liked Schnitzel?

The Prague Bridge

We were really there


This was one of many huge stained glass windows of a cathedreal

We saw the Swan Lake Ballet

This shot was taken from the bus on our way to Southern Bohemia to see a castle

Looking down on a cute town in Czech Republic

A view through the castle wall

I often see the same scene in different ways and can't decide what I like best

A very very very tall church in Prague

A castle from the distance

I loved the dramatic sky

There were buildings like this everywhere we looked

A church near our hotel