Saturday, April 13, 2013


A view from the Buyukada - "Big Island"

Other islands can been seen in the distance.  A gorgeous site at the highest point on the island where a 6th Century monastery is located.

Colors and patterns line the shops with souvenirs


Musical instruments line the streets in one area of town

Small coin purses

These roasted meat sandwiches are tasty! 

Fresh squeezed juice!

Vendors are everywhere selling their treats


Fresh produce

Fresh fish!

Colorful fruit stands

The trolly on Istaklal Street

The dock of Big Island

These women sit inside the restaurant window making something like a quesadilla

Beautiful parks are plentiful

A typical ferry boat seen crossing from Europe to Asia in about 5-10 minutes

Fishermen are a common sight

Inside the Hagia Sophia

Color, color, everywhere!

Hand weaving a Turkish carpet

A large mosque can be seen from this restaurant window


A massive cruise ship stops by

Spices found in the Egyptian Spice Market

The coast of Turkey has mountains next to the sea - just beautiful!

Sun setting at the boat dock

This muslim woman enjoys a carriage ride on the Island

Thursday, February 7, 2013


One of the perks of Dave's job was a meeting in Spain.

We stayed in a guest house in San Roque, Cadiz, Sapin.
On the roof was this gorgeous view of the rock of Gibralter in the distance.

Gibralter - A British territory.  Inside the rock are 34 miles of tunnels carved out during WWII

The night lights of Spain

Narrow stone streets


There are monkeys waiting to greet tourists and steal their bags if they can.

A caterpillar train!

Two different monkeys jumped on Dave.  He's letting this monkey off his back.

Momma and baby

A view from above on the rock of Gibralter

Love the swirly cloud on this one.

The colors of Spain

A trip to the beach

I love the beach

I love the beach

I love the beach

Did I mention that I love the beach??

The beauty makes me want to worship God


Green rolling hills, the strait of Gibralter, and Moroco in the distance!

Morocco, North Africa